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Integration and Connectivity

Connect and extend the capabilities of your printing platform.

UM Cura Plugin

UM Cura Plugin

Boost your workflow with our powerful UM Cura Plugin. Send your prints directly from UltiMaker Cura effortlessly, streamlining the process and eliminating the need to access Plus, easily save and load your project setups for perfect playback every time.

Basic pack
Public API

Public API

Expand your possibilities with Public API: Get access to PRINT&GO's public API to connect and link other software, such as your CRM, with our platform. Our technical team will evaluate and collaborate with you to ensure a successful and personalized integration.

Enterprise pack

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centralized data
Centralized data

Get a more complete and detailed vision of your production thanks to the integration of data from different sources in a single centralized platform.

facilitates collaboration
Facilitates collaboration

Integration and connectivity foster collaboration between different departments and teams, improving communication and joint work.

access to new funcionalities
Access to new functionalities

Integration with other software can give you access to additional features and advanced technologies that complement and enrich your printing process.

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