Start your journey and discover the essential features that will most empower your 3D printing adventure!

17,40€ / month

  • Printer icon

    4 Printers

    Connect up to 4 different printers.

  • User


    Individual access for one user.

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard Simple

    Efficiently manage your printers with an intuitive and all-inclusive dashboard.

  • Printer Status

    Printer Status

    Keep track of the status of your printers in real time for smooth production.

  • Notifications


    Stay informed with custom notifications about print status and potential issues.

  • Timeline (Gantt)

    Timeline (Gantt)

    Oversee print queues effectively using a clear and organized timeline format.

  • UM Cura Plugin

    UM Cura Plugin

    Sync your UM Cura software with our platform for a streamlined workflow.

  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

    Observe live printer streams to stay connected with your printing progress.

  • Queue: Prioritize 1 Task

    Queue: Prioritize 1 Task

    Prioritize printing tasks for improved workflow and faster production.


Elevate your 3D printing experience and achieve impeccable results with our comprehensive suite of features!

87,60€ / month

  • Printer icon

    10 Printers

    Connect up to 10 different printers.

  • User icon


    Connect with up to 5 different users.

  • Basic Features

    Basic Features

    In this pack you will also get all features available in the Basic Pack.

  • Queue Manual Reorder

    Queue Manual Reorder

    Tailor the print queue order to your needs with manual reordering.

  • Ticketing SLA 48h/72h

    Ticketing SLA 48h/72h

    Get prompt and reassuring assistance to your inquiries through our ticket system.

  • Operational Dashboard

    Operational Dashboard

    Boost production with a pro dashboard for total printer and task control.

  • Projects


    Structure tasks into custom projects for improved planning and tracking.

  • Maintenance


    Enhance printer lifespan with custom alerts and timers for proactive upkeep.

  • Spaghetti Detector

    Spaghetti Detector

    Prevent waste and ensure flawless results by auto-detecting print errors.


Unleash the full potential of your 3D printing farm. Boost your productivity and maximize your profitability!

216,00€ / month

  • Printer icon

    50 Printers

    Connect up to 50 different printers.

  • User icon


    Connect with up to 25 different users.

  • Standard Features

    Standard Features

    In this pack you will also get all features available in the Standard Pack.

  • Chat 24/5

    Chat 24/5

    Have access to our 24/5 chat support for assistance and troubleshooting.

  • Reports


    Get detailed printer reports and make informed efficiency enhancements.

  • Traceability


    Track printing tasks thoroughly and gather precise intervention data.

  • Multiprofile


    Tailor user roles and permissions for efficient hierarchical management.

  • Task Review

    Task Review

    Conduct pre-print proofreading, ensuring accuracy and proper content.

  • Autoremove 24/7

    AutoRemove 24/7

    Boost production via continuous part auto-removal for nonstop operation.


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  • Standard Features

    Expert Features

    In this pack you will also get all features available in the Expert Pack.

  • Multi-Facotries icon


    Control all global factories from one account. Seamless G-code sharing, precise role assignments for efficient management.

  • Public API

    Public API

    Extend all of PRINT&GO's capabilities through our public API, allowing custom integration with other software and systems.

  • Cobotics


    Take advantage of collaboration with robots to achieve continuous and efficient production, optimizing the handling of printers.