The new features of the 3.0 version of PRINT&GO

At PRINT&GO we work every day to integrate new functionalities and improvements. In this way, we can offer a completely updated and functional service.

As you already know, PRINT&GO is an automated management service for printers or 3D printer fleet, which covers the entire workflow from start to finish.

Today we present you the 3.0 version of PRINT&GO, which brings many new features to use your 3D printers unassisted. Like an alternative dashboard, improvements in the reporting module and a new functionality to perform the maintenance of your printers.

New service for the maintenance of each printer

3D printers need a top quality maintenance service, as any other industrial equipment, they work recurrently and often without interruption.

The Maintenance Pack has been optimized to the maximum to offer alerts, instructions and an exhaustive control of the maintenance of each piece of equipment.

Each 3D printer has a key icon with which you can access directly to the maintenance that each machine must undergo. This way, you don’t have to worry about the necessary inspections, because PRINT&GO does it for you. In addition, we have also integrated a direct link to the manufacturer’s information on how to carry out this maintenance and how much time you need for each task. A plus in automation and organization of the necessary inspections.

New dashboard to work in a more optimal way

We have incorporated a new dashboard, called Operational, which you will find in our Optimal Scheduling Pack. If you have this pack, you will be able to access the new dashboard view and in this way, each user will be able to decide how to work.

Total control of provisions, without the need to have immobilized material  

We have also incorporated new features in another of our packs. In this case, in the Reporting Pack we have added a graph that shows the complete consumption of materials.

This way, you can get a balance of the amount of material that each 3D printer has spent, and it will be much easier to control the material supplies and production costs

In addition, you won’t need to keep storing goods. This new functionality also allows you to consult the complete consumption history without a deadline.

By way of summary, if you have the Maintenance Pack, you will have access to a new functionality to exhaustively control the maintenance of each printer. 

On the other hand, if you have the Optimal Scheduling Pack, you will be able to access the new dashboard and its new view.

And finally, the Reporting Pack integrates a new graph that facilitates the provision of material.

If you already have any of these three packs mentioned for your 3D printer fleet, integrating the new features is very simple, you only have to update the version, and you will automatically have the new functionalities at your fingertips.