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About IMES3D

IMES3D offers comprehensive 3D printing services. It is a reference in the development of 3D projects in the following techniques: FDM, SLS, SLA and MULTI JET FUSION.

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A line of 3D printers with a IMES3D logo sticker on each of their doors



IMES3D needed a solution that facilitated the management of all printers for them, in a centralized and organized way.


In order to help this company, we advised them on which of our packs would be best suited for their needs. They ended up getting PRINT&GO, accompanied by the following: Maintenance Pack, Reporting Pack, Optimal Scheduling Pack and Multiprofile Pack.


Thanks to PRINT&GO, IMES3D has been able to speed up their production times while reducing costs, and they now have everything centralized.

Would you also want to have full control of your 3D printers in an easy way?

David Mestres

"Thanks to PRINT&GO we can send the 3D models to be printed from the same platform to all our company's printers with a single computer, without the need to use memory cards. In addition, we have control of all of them, both on the general performance of the equipment and on each of the prints."

David Mestres - CEO