PRINT&GO chooses ideOkub to enhance its deployment

The company ideOkub and PRINT&GO create synergies and sign a partnership agreement, with the aim of helping companies to optimize the operation of their 3D printers by managing their production in real time, in order to increase speed and reduce errors.

This partnership brings together the expertise of ideOkub, a reference company in additive manufacturing in France, and PRINT&GO, a multi-brand managed services software for 3D printers.

Created in 2014, ideOkub advocates a new distribution model for products and services such as 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D consumables. Their points of sale, throughout France, are real places of exchange and consultancy for public and private professionals and the general public.

Since its creation, ideOkub has helped many institutions, manufacturers and individuals in the integration of new additive manufacturing technologies. By 2021, ideOkub can boast more than 700 3D printers installed in various settings. In the education, aeronautics, industry and services sectors.

A clear desire to offer its customers a service that guarantees optimal and profitable production of their 3D printers or 3D printer farms, as well as being carried out with a minimum investment. PRINT&GO is revolutionizing, for the better, companies in many sectors and this is what has moved both parts to continue to grow and join forces from now on. “Our customers have understood how and why 3D printing can shake their business model. Whether for accelerated prototyping, for education or for customized and small series services, the future of 3D printing is still ahead. Through tools, materials or software, such as PRINT&GO, we are opening up huge growth margins.” adds Olivier Guillou, CEO of ideOkub.

“Many companies have already decided to use PRINT&GO to integrate it into their additive manufacturing processes, making it an essential part of their processes. In addition, PRINT&GO is clearly committed to growth and expanding the range of functionalities, as is the case of the Spaghetti Detector, recently included in the PRINT&GO portfolio,” says John Amin, PRINT&GO’s Channel Manager.

Thanks to this partnership, companies in France will also have access to PRINT&GO software, which includes four Industry 4.0 technologies in a single system: 3D printing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Computing.