Case Study: Imes3D

Imes3D offers comprehensive 3D printing services. It is a reference in the development of 3D projects in the techniques: FFF, SLS, SLA and MULTI JET FUSION. PRINT&GO has helped the company Imes3D, 3D printing Service Bureau, to facilitate the management of all its 3D printers, in a centralized and organized way, helping in all the phases of the 3D printing process:

  • Consulting: Imes3D professionals analyse your business and propose those ideas that best suit your activity.
  • 3D Design: they design your project based on the previously agreed indications.
  • Prototyping: once the project is accepted, Imes3D produces a prototype of those elements agreed with the client for subsequent analysis and correction to make your pieces completely customized.
  • 3D Production: once the final result to be obtained has been agreed, Imes3D works in the production line of those parts required, obtaining results in the shortest possible time.

“Thanks to PRINT&GO we can send the 3D models to be printed from the same platform, without the need to use memory cards, and to all the printers in our company with a single computer. In addition, we have control over all of them, both on the overall performance of the equipment and on each individual print.”

David Mestres, CEO of Imes3D

Imes3D is the leading company in consulting, design and manufacturing of 3D projects. With more than 1.000.000 hours of experience in 3D printing and more than 1500 projects behind, Imes3D brings innovative ideas to update, optimize and make your business more efficient.

What packs does Imes3D have implemented?


It is the cornerstone of PRINT&GO and of all 3D printing productions. BASIC PACK has allowed Imes3D to optimize the printing process by centralizing all functions in a single program, controllable from different devices regardless of brand or model.


Effectiveness is often the difference between success and failure. With MAINTENANCE PACK, Imes3D gets, in case of any unforeseen event, a quick response so that your printing job is not affected. Through the 24/5 Help Desk they have access to live chat, calls and the possibility of activating the remote direct service, among others.


In order to optimize your resources, the OPTIMAL SCHEDULING PACK distributes and orders the pieces of your projects, to obtain the greatest number of elements with the least investment of time and material. In Imes3D, a company with more than twenty printers at your service, Optimal Scheduling has facilitated the coordination and reduction of resources allocated to each project, thus obtaining a better final result.


The key tool to always have your 3D printers fleet ready, while, at the same time, you can know all the information of those projects you are working on. REPORTING PACK  offers Imes3D the possibility to obtain all the details regarding material consumption and workflow of their printers in real time and in a centralized way.


The classification of roles and limitation of functions provides security as well as organization. With the MULTIPROFILE PACK, the company Imes3D manages the permissions granted to its different employees, thus facilitating the operation of the company and the work of its employees.

How has PRINT&GO software helped the company?

PRINT&GO has helped to speed up time, reduce costs and centralize the production of all its printers: 6 Ultimaker S5, 10 Ultimaker 2+, 1 Ultimaker 2+ Extended and 2 Ultimaker.